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JAMES WARD Sr. Indian Scout, Virginia Militia, American Revolutionary War
His wife Elizabeth (Henson) Ward stated in her pension application that he lived "high up" on the Holston River in the mountains in Montgomery Co., Southwestern Va. when he enlisted. They lived in Warren Co., Ky. by 1798, when their two oldest ch, Edmund Ward and Mary Ward, were "grown". They also had 5 other children, James Ward Jr., George Ward, Demsey Ward, William Ward and Phebe Ward. James Ward died in 1830 in Pope County Illinois.
Elizabeth Ward, aged about 84, applied for a pension 5 Jan 1841 when living in McCracken Co., Ky, living near her son, George Ward.  (Rev War Pension R+11116) Her application was attested to by her brother, Jesse Henson, who also served with James in what was then Washington County, TN.

There are several records of  James Ward in Washington County Tennessee before 1800, but not after that date. While it is not clear if all those records relate to this James Ward, some certainly do as his Revolutionary War Pension records proves he was there during that time along with a Dempsey (sic) Ward, on which we have found only two records.

DEMPSEY  WARD, Virginia Militia, Revolutionary War  
Virginia Militia. Enlisted in Capt. Womack's Company of Virginia Militia and was stationed at
Womack's Fort in Fincastle Co., Va. (which later became part of Washington County, Tennessee)
on 15 Jul 1776.  He had been on duty for 90 days.
Authors note:
It is not certain that this Dempsey Ward was related to our James Ward as little information has been found on him.  The name similarity causes us to wonder if Dempsey was James Ward's brother, or possibly a cousin, the namesake for his son Demsey. We are not certain if the correct spelling is Demsey or Dempsey. This record and one on the 1830 U S Census for Greene County Tennessee, where  James' son, Dempsey Ward, was recorded at the age of about 16 make us fairly certain that there were two different Dempsey Wards.
James WARD (AFN: 12RT-RP9) , Birth: Abt. 1754, Virginia, Death: 17 Nov 1830 , Pope Co., Il
Marriage: 11 Aug 1779, Montgomery Co., Va  
Spouse: Elizabeth HENSON (AFN: FR09-C5)

Edmond Ward (we are seeking descendants)

Mary Ward      (we are seeking descendants)

James Ward Jr. (found on the 1830 U S Census for Greene Co. TN)

George Ward    (we are seeking descendants)

Demsey Ward  (found on the 1830 U S Census for Greene Co. TN)

*William Ward, born born between 1790 and 1805, North Carolina,
                      married Lucinda (Duncan)(Dunkin) Anderson

Phebe Ward  (we are seeking descendants)

JamesWard Rev War Pension File #W11116

ElizabethWard, the widow of James Ward, made an application for a pension fo rhis service during the Revolutionary .War. Her application was dated January 5, 1841 in McCracken County Kentucky.

In the year of 1777 or1778 he lived high up on the Holston River, near the mountains, which was a frontier at that time and thinly inhabited. He lived inVirginia near the dividing line that separates Virginia and North Carolina, at that time known as Montgomery County. In the year of 1778 James Ward volunteered, for 6 months, as an Indian Spy under Capt.Cocke. The headquarters of Captain Cocke was at Eaton’s Station on or near the Holston River.

A new fort was built on the Holston River called “ Island Fort” where the families of the settlement moved for protection from the ravages of the Cherokees and Shawnees.

Acompany of Indian spies was formed in 1779. Including James Ward who was under Captain James Shelby and his Lieutenant was George Hart. They all served under Col. Isaac Shelby and Major Anthony Bledsoe.  Her husband James, served his initial term of 3 months and continued on in this service by renewing his enlistment several times, to an additional 3 months due to the continuing problems with the Indians until sometime in 1781 when he served under Col. Siever. James Ward was an expert woodsman.

ElizabethWard stated that she and James Ward were married on August 11, 1779 in Montgomery County Virginia. Elizabeth further stated that she had lived with James Ward as husband and wife from that date in 1779 until November 17, 1830 when James Ward died in Pope Illinois. Elizabeth also stated that neither her husband or herself could read or write and she had no family records.

The following declarations were made in support of Elizabeth Ward's pension appication:

The Declaration of Jesse Henson, Calloway Co, KY, 1841
Jesse Henson a resident of Calloway County KY filed this declaration in support of Elizabeth Ward’s petition, as sworn in McCracken County KY, for a pension.. He stated that Elizabeth Ward, the wife of James Ward, was his sister, that she was two years older than him. Elizabeth Ward’s declaration was then read within hearing of Jesse Henson and without hesitation he declared that her statement was correct and truthful to the best of his recollection and belief. He then went on to state that he had served in many of the same actions and times as James Ward, but under a different Captain. He did in fact serve with James Ward as an indian spy under Capt. Shelby, but not at all times as he was absent at times having gone on expeditions west of the mountains, particularly in the year of 1780 at the Battle of Kings Mountain, which Jesse Henson participated.

The Declaration of Henry Darnell, Calloway Co, KY, 1841
Henry Darnell, a resident of Calloway County KY filed this declaration in support of Elizabeth Ward’s petition, as sworn in McCracken County KY, for a pension.. He stated that he first became acquainted with James and Elizabeth Ward in Warren County KY about the year of 1798 and they were living as husband and wife. He states that he knew the couple well from the time stated above to about 1828 when they moved to the State of Illinois. He further states that when he became acquainted with James and Elizabeth Ward, about 1798, their two oldest children,. Edmond and Mary Ward were fully grown. He in addition to Mary and Edmond, knew of five other children that they had raised to wit; James, George, Demsey, William and Phoebe Ward. Henry Darnell also stated that he was well acquainted with Jesse Henson who made a declaration here today, having known Jesse Henson for over 40 years and he was always a good character for integrity and accuracy.

The Declaration of William Craddock, Calloway Co, KY, 1841
William Craddock, a resident of Calloway County, and Sheriff of Calloway County KY filed this declaration in support of Elizabeth Ward’s petition, as sworn in McCracken County KY, for a pension.. He stated that he knew the aforesaid James and Elizabeth Ward about the year of 1824 and they were living as husband and wife. Declaring that he is well acquainted with Jesse Henson, for about sixteen years, and that he had always sustained a good character and integrity.

As this record shows, James and Elizabeth Ward moved to Warren Co. N Carolina before, or in  1798. There were no further records of a James Ward in Greene County Tennessee after that date.